The use of forensic evidence has become indispensable in many countries and jurisdictions around the world, however the dissemination of research advancements does not necessarily directly or easily reach the forensic science community.

Reports from the INTERPOL International Forensic Science Managers Symposium outline major areas that are of interest to forensic practitioners across the INTERPOL member countries. The information contained in the INTERPOL reports is extensive but can be challenging to process.

The purpose of this R-Shiny application is to make this information more accessible and to allow its user to export the reference lists based on keyword searches.

References relating to 10 evidence types retrieved from the 14th to 19th INTERPOL IFSMS reports (2004-2019) are currently included in this application, either forming a group on their own or split into specific areas creating a total of 13 reference lists:

  • forensic geoscience
  • toolmarks
  • paint and glass
  • fire investigation
  • explosives (analysis)
  • explosives (scene investigation)
  • toxicology (challenge-advances)
  • toxicology (surveillance)
  • digital evidence
  • fingermark (composition)
  • fingermark (detection)
  • questioned documents
  • biological evidence combined with DNA.


The figure shows the most commonly used keywords in the selected reference input.

Evidence Category

Keyword Lists



Country of origin

For the Country figure, duplicated countries in the Author's affiliation are removed. For Institutions, all the listed countries are counted.




Jaccard Similarity Index

Relationship between lists, using document titles. A value of 0 indicates no similarity and 1 identical sets.



Keyword Search

Document search using available keywords. The output list presented will contain records with any of the specified keywords, with documents having the most keyword matches appearing on top of the list.